The Return of 90210

Last night, Gossip Girl returned for another season of Upper East Side intrigue, Hamptons eye candy, and pure wardrobe heaven. Will Blair choose her young British lord over Chuck, or will Chuck come in with some grand gesture to sweep her off her feet? Will Serena and Dan stay together through the ups and downs of the school year? What will happen with Nate and his hot housewife girlfriend? I can't wait for the season to unfold.

While the episode was perfectly juicy and I'll probably be glued to the screen on Monday evenings the rest of this fall, I'm also psyched about the two-hour series premiere of the new Beverly Hills 90210. After all, where would shows like Gossip Girl be if predecessors like 90210 hadn't been there to pave the way? 90210 established the "rich attractive teens with dramatic lives" TV genre. Without 90210, there would be no Gossip Girl, The OC, Laguna Beach, or The Hills. Aaron Spelling was onto something when he created his cult classic about privileged teenagers, and years later, we're still watching them but in different incarnations.


  1. I am sooooooo excited!
    I was a total 90210 addict back in the day, and I watched the reruns on Soapnet religiously! Can't wait for tonight :)
    Yay Brenda!


  2. I totally can't wait for tonight and the new 90210. I wonder what drama lies ahead for the big series premier.

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  3. ah gossip girl last night was so good! i can not wait for 90210 tonight! im even sporting a sleeveless acid washed jacket in true 90s flair as my own secret celebtation of its revival haha

  4. I love GG, but I'm less intrigued by 90210...

  5. i have never ever watched 90210! What year was it on tv? I can't believe i have never seen it, maybe i was too young?
    Great post, i love GG!

  6. Fashion-Obsessed, it was on around 1990 to 2000.

  7. LOVED the GG premiere i also liked 90210.. i'll prob have to watch another episode to really decide if i like it though... naomi is hot!


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