Elie Saab Fall 2008 Couture

The brown dresses in Elie Saab's fall 2008 couture collection have renewed my love for my Narcissist sample sale find.

The runway:

My way:

Now if only I can find the perfect occasion to wear this dress!


  1. Oh, so prety! I love how rich that tone is and the glam details.
    I'm the same with a number of dresses--fantastic dresses, but nowhere to wear them!

  2. Love the Eli Saab and your dress is beautiful! You MUST find somewhere ;)

  3. It's your way or the highway! That didn't make sense, I just had to say it.

  4. HM. A cocktail party would be the right affair. Or, you could walk around your home in it and check yourself out in the mirror every now and then and just enjoy how good you look in the dress. Yeah, I like my second suggestion :).

  5. wow, what a beautiful beautiful dress!

    for items of clothing like that, i make excuses to wear them. like, a "fancy" dinner out with my girlfriends



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