Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival!

Image from Chanel.com

I wish I were wearing this ring from the Chanel Comètes collection right now as I sit in front of my laptop, munching away on lotus paste-filled mooncakes. That pearl's phosphorescence rivals the moon's.


  1. Nah, you'd probably accidentally knock that very exposed pearl against your keyboard and would be frantically examining it for damage right now :-)

  2. Omg I can totally see myself doing that...klutziness and obsessiveness don't go very well with pearl rings. =)

  3. Get a nice hard diamond. You have to work to mess up one of those.

  4. That's right I just read abt the Japanese & Chinese Moon festival over the weekend...wish they had it here... Trying to be more cultured heehee!

    Feel free to checkout my new blog ...it's up & running, FINALLY!!!
    Hope u click on 'comment' and tell me what u think ok...thanks*

  5. holy crap that is so nice! i am so going to buy myself a ring if i pass my final exam!


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